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Wang, L; Zhao, DZ; Yang, JH; Chen, YL (2012). Retrieval of total suspended matter from MODIS 250 m imagery in the Bohai Sea of China. JOURNAL OF OCEANOGRAPHY, 68(5), 719-725.

Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on the Aqua and Terra satellites have unique advantages for monitoring coastal waters, owing to their high spatial resolution (250 m), short revisit period (1-2 days), and freedom from cost. An empirical retrieval model for concentration of total suspended matter (TSM) has been developed based on a statistical analysis of field surveys of TSM and remote sensing reflectance (R (rs)) in the Bohai Sea of China. A robust linear relationship was established between the equivalent remote sensing reflectance (converting ASD-measured R (rs) by spectral response function) in the 620-670 nm band (band 1) of MODIS and the concentration of TSM (R (2) = 0.95; n = 27; RMS = 0.512) acquired in August and September 2008. The model was validated via in situ measurements in September 2009, resulting in a mean relative error of 12.9 %. Then, the corresponding MODIS products of monthly average concentration of TSM were produced from January to December 2009. The distribution characteristics of TSM in the Bohai Sea of China are closely related with the spatial pattern and seasonal variability. This study demonstrates that the moderately high resolution of MODIS 250 m data is available for monitoring the transport and fate of materials in relatively smaller bodies of water.



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