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Gong, P (2012). Remote sensing of environmental change over China: A review. CHINESE SCIENCE BULLETIN, 57(22), 2793-2801.

China is a large country by area. In situ monitoring of the environment cannot meet the demand of the society. For large areas, remote sensing is the only viable technology for environmental monitoring of the entire area. Although satellite observation capabilities as well as remotely sensed data acquired on board of satellites from both within and outside China are widely available, research is rare that targets the entire territory of China for environmental monitoring. In this paper, the process of environmental change has been categorized into changes in driving forces, environmental change, materials transport and transformation, concentration and abundance change, exposure and infection change of human and ecosystems, and impacts. The potential in monitoring changes in these various aspects is assessed. The progress of environmental change monitoring over the entire territory of China is reviewed. It is suggested that at the methodological level, remote sensing should not only be applied to observation and experiments as well as understanding the change mechanism, but also be coupled with environmental simulation and forecasting so as to support environmental policy making. At the application level, remote sensing should be used beyond its traditional application fields to include species diversity, biological invasion, public health, air and water quality monitoring. Finally, at the technical level, systematic research should be devoted to the improvement of operational and automatic use of remotely sensed data.



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