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Gao, J; Wang, SP; Gu, XF; Yu, T; Fang, L (2012). The Polarization Characteristics Distribution and Correction Method of the Polarization Coupling Error in Ocean Remote Sensing System. SPECTROSCOPY AND SPECTRAL ANALYSIS, 32(6), 1633-1638.

With the development of the quantitative researches using ocean color remote sensing data sets, study on reducing the uncertainty of the response of the ocean color remote sensors to the polarization characteristics of the target has been attracting more and more attention recently. Taking MODIS as an example, the polarization distribution in the whole field of view was analyzed. For the atmosphere path radiance and the apparent radiance considering the coupling between ocean surface and atmosphere, the polarization distribution has a strong relation with the imaging geometry. Compared to the contribution of the polarization from the rough sea surface, the contribution from the atmosphere is dominated. Based on the polarization characteristics in the field of view, the influence of the polarization coupling error on the quality of the satellite data was studied with the assumption of different polarization sensitivities. It was found that errors due to polarization sensitivity in the field of view are lower than water leaving radiance only when the polarization sensitivity is less than 2%. And in this case it can meet the need of the retrieval of water leaving radiative products. The method of the compensation for the polarization coupling error due to the atmosphere is proposed, which proved to be effective to improve the utilization of satellite data and the accuracy of measured radiance by remote sensor.



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