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Spandana, B; Niranjan, K; Devi, TA (2012). Advection induced short period anomalies and seasonal features in aerosol optical depth over Bay of Bengal in the W-ICARB region. ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT, 51, 175-186.

Advection of aerosols from adjoining continental regions into the Bay of Bengal (BOB) is considered important in view of its potential aerosol radiative impacts on Indian summer monsoon and the mesoscale weather. Though several reports are available on the features of Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) over BoB region based on cruise as well as satellite data, day to day variability over the oceanic regions due to day to day variability at the aerosol source regions and advection pathways is yet incomplete. In this article results on a systematic investigation carried out on the AOD vis-a-vis the advection pathways indicate that the day to day variability in AOD could possibly be reflected as spatial variation when short period cruise measurements are made. A statistical analysis of the short period variations using W-ICARB cruise data and the MODIS satellite data for the whole winter 2008-09 show that in 65% of the case, the airmass pathways have the potential of inducing large day to day variability in AOD with 79% of the cases over eastern BoB affected by east Asian airmass, 98% of the cases over western BoB affected by airmass pathways from the Indian region, while the southern BoB is mostly affected by the east Asian aerosol transport, which is significant in altering the mean AOD features over the regions. Long term assessment using MODIS data for the period 2005-2010 indicate that there is a steady increase in AOD over the western BoB during 2005-2010, while it is more or less stable over southern BoB. (C) 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.



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