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Wang, ZT; Li, Q; Li, SS; Chen, LF; Zhou, CY; Wang, ZF; Zhang, LJ (2012). The Monitoring of Haze from HJ-1. SPECTROSCOPY AND SPECTRAL ANALYSIS, 32(3), 775-780.

With the urbanizing in China, haze days occur frequently, which have largely impacted air quality. In the present paper, based on haze physical properties, haze optical properties were calculated by Mie theory and apparent reflectance of haze in Environment Satellite 1 (HJ-1) channels was simulated by Radiative Transfer (RT) 3. Simulated results show that it is reasonable to extract the haze from apparent reflectance in the first and second channels. By Deep Blue algorithm, Haze Optical Depth (HOD) was retrieved from HJ-1 data supported by reflectance database from MODIS product. From HJ-1 data in 2009 over Beijing area, the haze days were monitored and validated by AERONET/PHOTONS Beijing site. The validation shows that the correlation coefficient of HOD is greater than 0. 9, but HOD from HJ-1 is greater than that from ground-based measurements. The discussions show that the error from reflectance database is less than 0. 1 and radiance resolution of HJ-1 needs to advance for haze monitoring.



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