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Kefi, M; Yoshino, K; Setiawan, Y (2012). Assessment and mapping of soil erosion risk by water in Tunisia using time series MODIS data. PADDY AND WATER ENVIRONMENT, 10(1), 59-73.

Soil erosion by water is a common environmental problem which can affect the sustainable development and the agriculture of developing countries especially. Therefore, several countries, threatened by this phenomenon, adopt different measures to preserve and protect their natural resources. The main purpose of this study was to identify vulnerable areas to establish a soil erosion risk map in Tunisia. In order to do so, an approach based on a combination of the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE) as an erosion model, Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing was applied. RUSLE, which is a model to predict soil loss, is composed of five factors. Erosivity factor (R factor), erodibility factor (K factor), topography factor (LS factor), crop management factor (C factor), and supporting practices factor (P factor). Furthermore, in order to get the most accurate C factor for each land use, times series Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer Enhanced Vegetation index (MODIS-EVI) were used. MODIS-EVI time series was helpful for distinguishing vegetation dynamics with taking into account phenological variation of the crops. The results indicated that Tunisia has a serious risk of soil erosion. Indeed, about 24.57% of our study area had a soil loss rate more than 30 t/ha. In these areas, suitable and urgent measures and treatments should be required. Finally, this approach which is based on remote sensing techniques, GIS and erosion model can be useful for planning appropriate environmental decision-making policy in a global scale.



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