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Sun, L; Wu, Q; Pei, ZY; Li, BG; Chen, XW (2012). Study on Drought Index in Major Planting Area of Winter Wheat of China. SENSOR LETTERS, 10(2-Jan), 453-458.

Based on an empirical parameterization of the relationship between surface temperature (Ts) and vegetation index (NDVI), Temperature-Vegetation Dryness Index (TVDI) has been widely used for drought monitoring as a simplified index. Due to the complexity of land-cover and climate, the result might often not be satisfied using the only TVDI to monitor drought. Integrated drought monitoring index (IDMI) was promoted as an integrated linear form on the basis of combining TVDI and percentage of precipitation anomalies index (PPAI). The index was used for monitoring drought in China's major growing areas of winter wheat at various growing stages namely, returning green stage, jointing stage, heading stage, flowering stage and milk stage. The result showed that IDMI had a more significant correlation with soil moisture in depth 10 cm than TVDI in 2009 and 2010, and it could reflect the drought tendency of large scale areas better, especially those in worse conditions.



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