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Huang, TC; Chen, SJ; Hou, M; Shi, GL; Shi, ZX; Zhou, M; Chen, TL; Peng, JM; Luo, XQ (2012). Gurbantunggut Desert Haloxylon Forest NDVI Time Effect - Based on Phenological Changes and the Image of MODIS. MATERIALS SCIENCE AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, PTS 1-8, 433-440, 5409-5414.

Remote sensing image information extraction research is one of the key problems of remote sensing research, it is also one of the hot and difficult points in remote sensing research., In this paper,NDVI images for the study of synthesis of haloxylon ammdendron forest 16 days of MODIS is taken as research object, aimed at improving the precision of information extraction, focuses on the NDVI time effects on phenology of haloxylon ammdendron woodland response, tell woodland diagnosis point of information, using diagnostic points of haloxylon forest information analysis and extraction of results and field visits, mutatis mutandis, the results showed information extraction accuracy has improved.



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