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Hashimoto, K; Oki, K (2013). Estimation of discharges at river mouth with MODIS image. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF APPLIED EARTH OBSERVATION AND GEOINFORMATION, 21, 276-281.

The transport of the sediment, carried in suspension by water, is central to hydrology and the ecological functioning of river floodplains and deltas. River discharge estimation is useful for demonstrating this information. In this study, we extracted MODIS reflectance values from a pixel near the river mouth after carrying out the simple atmospheric correction method, then applied single regression analysis to reflectance values and the in situ discharge of Naka River in Tokushima prefecture and Monobe River in Kochi prefecture. Japan. MODIS images and in situ data were taken from January through December, 2004. As a result, both in Naka River and Monobe River, robustly positive relationships between the discharges observed in situ and remotely sensed MODIS reflectance data in the region of river mouth were found throughout the year. In addition, we estimated monthly and annual average discharge from the MODIS reflectance with the regression formula. As a result, in situ average discharge was well estimated. (C) 2012 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.



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