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Nerushev, AF; Novitskii, MA; Kalinicheva, OY; Kulizhnikova, LK; Milekhin, LI; Chechin, DE (2013). Atmospheric dynamics in the center of the European part of Russia during intensive snowfall in April 2012. RUSSIAN METEOROLOGY AND HYDROLOGY, 38(2), 61-70.

The dynamics of atmospheric characteristics in the zone of the cyclone which provoked the dangerous atmospheric phenomenon, the heavy snowfall over the center of the European part of Russia in April 2012, is studied using the data of surface and satellite measurements. Besides the observational data from the meteorological stations, the results are used of the measurement of meteorological variables at the high-altitude meteorological mast in Obninsk and of surface concentration of minor gas components. Revealed is a number of interesting features associated with the passage of the cyclone cloud system over the observational point: the dramatic air temperature drop throughout the 300-m layer of the atmosphere, the formation of intensive vertical motions, and the significant temporal variability of O-3 and NO2 concentration. The intensity and the total amount of precipitation falling during the cyclone passage are determined using the data of optical measurements of SEVIRI, AVHRR, and MODIS instruments of geostationary and polar orbiting satellites. Demonstrated is the satisfactory agreement of the computed precipitation characteristics with the results of observations at the network of meteorological stations.



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