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Sui, XX; Qin, QM; Dong, H; Wang, JL; Meng, QY; Liu, MC (2013). Monitoring of Farmland Drought Based on LST-LAI Spectral Feature Space. SPECTROSCOPY AND SPECTRAL ANALYSIS, 33(1), 201-205.

Farmland drought has the characteristics of wide range and seriously affecting on agricultural production, so real-time dynamic monitored has been a challenging problem. By using MODIS land products, and constructing the spectral space of LST and LAI, the temperature LAI drought index (TLDI) was put forward and validated using ground-measured 0 similar to 10 cm averaged soil moisture of Ningxia farmland. The results show that the coefficient of determination (R-2) of both them varies from 0.43 to 0.86. Compared to TVDI, the TLDI has higher accuracy for farmland moisture monitoring, and solves the saturation of NDVI during the late development phases of the crop. Furthermore, directly using MODIS land products LST and LAI and avoiding the complicated process of using the original MODIS data provide a new technical process to the regular operation of farmland drought monitoring.



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