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Pisek, J; Oliphant, AJ (2013). A note on the height variation of foliage clumping: comparison with remote sensing retrievals. REMOTE SENSING LETTERS, 4(4), 400-408.

Clumping index (CI), quantifying the level of foliage grouping within distinct canopy structures relative to a random distribution, is a key structural parameter of plant canopies and is very useful in ecological and meteorological models. In this letter, we report on validating the global foliage clumping map derived from the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) data at 500 m resolution using new information about vertical profiles of foliage clumping in a wide range of forest type stands. We report that in moderate to dense forest stands with developed undergrowth layer, in situ measurements near the ground surface may considerably underestimate the overall canopy-level clumping effect. This is because the large gaps between tree crowns at upper levels of the canopy may not be all measured near the ground due to obscurity by lower vegetation of branches. This information about height variation of CI is shown to be important for correct estimating and validating the foliage clumping from airborne/satellite remote sensing.



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