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Mehta, M; Goyal, P; Nishant, K (2013). Implementation of simple model for atmospheric radiative transfer code in single scattering approximation for retrieval of aerosol optical depth over Dehradun, India. JOURNAL OF APPLIED REMOTE SENSING, 7, 73521.

The retrieval of aerosols using remote sensing requires an accurate estimation of both atmospheric and land surface parameters. Radiative transfer codes along with simultaneous field measurements are used to solve the forward and the inverse problems. This study uses the simple model for atmospheric radiative transfer to simulate the aerosol optical depth (AOD) over Dehradun, India from the top of atmosphere signals recorded by first band of AWiFS sensor onboard RESOURCESAT. The analysis has been carried out for five satellite datasets acquired at different time periods with single scattering approximation (SSA) for aerosols and molecules. The results have been compared with those obtained from MODIS aerosol product. A maximum difference of 0.156 has been found between the calculated AOD from the model and those obtained from MODIS product. The differences in the results may be attributed to exclusion of multiple scattering contributions, different time, and geometry of image acquisitions along with the difference in relative spectral response of the two sensors. The algorithm in SSA is found to be best suited to retrieve AODs for clear days with low particle loading. (C) 2013 Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE)



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