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Ming, J; Wang, PL; Zhao, SY; Chen, PF (2013). Disturbance of light-absorbing aerosols on the albedo in a winter snowpack of Central Tibet. JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES-CHINA, 25(8), 1601-1607.

A field observation on the albedo of the snowpack in Central Tibet was conducted in the Nam Co region in the winter of 2011. Snow properties, including grain size and density, were measured in the field, and surface-layer snow samples (down to 5 cm) were collected. The average concentrations of black carbon and dust were 72 ppbm (close to that in the glaciers of Mt. Nyainqentanglha) and 120 ppmm, respectively. Inverse trends were found to exist between the albedo of the snowpack and light-absorbing aerosols (LAAs) as well as grain size growth. Modeling showed that black carbon, dust, and grain growth in the winter snowpack can reduce the broadband albedo by 11%, 28%, and 61%, respectively.



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