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You can click on that link to view the associated abstract, as well as other information associated with this journal publication. If a "Full Text Available" link appears after the citation, you may click that link to download a pdf version of the article.

Jiao, Wenzhe; Zhang, Lifu; Chang, Qing; Fu, Dongjie; Cen, Yi; Tong, Qingxi (2016). Evaluating an Enhanced Vegetation Condition Index (VCI) Based on VIUPD for Drought Monitoring in the Continental United States. REMOTE SENSING, 8(3).


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Liu Li; Fu Qiao-yan; Shi Ting-ting; Wang Ai-chun; Zhang Xue-wen (2014). Validation of HJ-1B Thermal Infrared Channels Onboard Radiometric Calibration Based on Spectral Response Differences. SPECTROSCOPY AND SPECTRAL ANALYSIS, 34(8), 2212-2217.


Yang, L; Pan, ZQ; Fu, QY; Han, QJ; Sun, K; Zhang, XW; Wang, AC (2013). Research on the Atmospheric Correction for ZY-3 MUX Image. SPECTROSCOPY AND SPECTRAL ANALYSIS, 33(7), 1903-1907.


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