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You can click on that link to view the associated abstract, as well as other information associated with this journal publication. If a "Full Text Available" link appears after the citation, you may click that link to download a pdf version of the article.

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Meyer, Kerry; Platnick, Steven; Arnold, G. Thomas; Holz, Robert E.; Veglio, Paolo; Yorks, John; Wang, Chenxi (2016). Cirrus cloud optical and microphysical property retrievals from eMAS during SEAC(4)RS using bi-spectral reflectance measurements within the 1.88 mu m water vapor absorption band. ATMOSPHERIC MEASUREMENT TECHNIQUES, 9(4), 1743-1753.

Meyer, Kerry; Yang, Yuekui; Platnick, Steven (2016). Uncertainties in cloud phase and optical thickness retrievals from the Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC). ATMOSPHERIC MEASUREMENT TECHNIQUES, 9(4), 1785-1797.

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