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You can click on that link to view the associated abstract, as well as other information associated with this journal publication. If a "Full Text Available" link appears after the citation, you may click that link to download a pdf version of the article.

Feng, Lili; Jia, Zhiqing; Li, Qingxue; Xu, Ke (2016). Fractional Vegetation Cover Estimation Based on MODIS Satellite Data from 2000 to 2013: a Case Study of Qinghai Province. JOURNAL OF THE INDIAN SOCIETY OF REMOTE SENSING, 44(2), 269-275.


Painemal, David; Xu, Kuan-Man; Cheng, Anning; Minnis, Patrick; Palikonda, Rabindra (2015). Mean Structure and Diurnal Cycle of Southeast Atlantic Boundary Layer Clouds: Insights from Satellite Observations and Multiscale Modeling Framework Simulations. JOURNAL OF CLIMATE, 28(1), 324-341.


Su, WY, Bodas-Salcedo, A, Xu, KM, Charlock, TP (2010). Comparison of the tropical radiative flux and cloud radiative effect profiles in a climate model with Clouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy System (CERES) data. JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-ATMOSPHERES, 115, D01105.


Hong, G, Yang, P, Baum, BA, Heymsfield, AJ, Xu, KM (2009). Parameterization of Shortwave and Longwave Radiative Properties of Ice Clouds for Use in Climate Models. JOURNAL OF CLIMATE, 22(23), 6287-6312.


Wu, D, Hu, YX, McCormick, MP, Xu, KM, Liu, ZY, Smith, B, Omar, AH, Chang, FL (2008). "Deriving Marine-Boundary-Layer Lapse Rate from Collocated CALIPSO, MODIS, and AMSR-E Data to Study Global Low-Cloud Height Statistics". IEEE GEOSCIENCE AND REMOTE SENSING LETTERS, 5(4), 649-652.

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