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The MODIS Atmospheric Profile product consists of several parameters: they are total-ozone burden, atmospheric stability, temperature and moisture profiles, and atmospheric water vapor. All of these parameters are produced day and night for Level 2 at 5x5 1-km pixel resolution when at least 9 FOVs are cloud free. There are two MODIS Atmosphere Profile data product files: MOD07_L2, containing data collected from the Terra platform; and MYD07_L2, containing data collected from the Aqua platform.

The MODIS total-ozone burden is an estimate of the total-column tropospheric and stratospheric ozone content. The MODIS atmospheric stability consists of three daily Level 2 atmospheric stability indices. The Total Totals (TT), the Lifted Index (LI), and the K index (K) are each computed using the infrared temperature- and moisture-profile data, also derived as part of MOD07. The MODIS temperature and moisture profiles are produced at 20 vertical levels. A clear sky synthetic regression retrieval algorithm is used, where regression coefficients are derived by using a fast radiative transfer model with atmospheric characteristics taken from a dataset of global (radiosonde and model) profiles. The MODIS atmospheric water-vapor product is an estimate of the total column water vapor made from integrated MODIS infrared retrievals of atmospheric moisture profiles in clear scenes.

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• DOI: Borbas, E. E., S. Seemann, Z. Li, J. Li, A. Kern, and W. P. Menzel, 2016: MODIS Atmosphere Profiles Product (07_L2). NASA MODIS Adaptive Processing System, Goddard Space Flight Center (Terra) (Aqua)

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