Qiang Fu

Qiang Fu
Professor of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Washington

Contact Information:
Phone: 206.685.2070

Dr. Fu is a professor at the Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Washington, where he leads a research group focusing on remote sensing and modeling of atmospheric temperatures/compositions, clouds/aerosols/radiation, and applications to our understanding of climate and climate changes in both troposphere and stratosphere. The work by Fu’s team using MSU/AMSU satellite observations established a key consistency in a warming climate in recent decades between the Earth's atmosphere and surface temperature changes. His team discovered a widening of the tropics in a warming world by analyzing the satellite observations. Fu’s parameterization of optical properties of cirrus clouds has been widely used in global climate models. The radiation model that he developed has been used as an official NASA EOS algorithm to retrieve the surface and atmosphere radiation budget. His team’s research effort related to the Science of Terra, Aqua, and Suomi NPP is on the impact of tropical clouds on changes in tropical lower-stratospheric temperatures through fusion of Aqua MODIS and Aura MLS observations.