MODIS/VIIRS Science Team Meeting - Atmosphere Breakout

Agenda & Overview
Powerpoint (9.6 MB) | PDF (2.7 MB)

S. Platnick

Aqua Status and 2020 Senior Review
PDF (957 KB)

L. Oreopoulos

VIIRS Atmosphere SIPS Status and Plans
PDF (13.2 MB)

L. Gumley

Status Update and New Aerosol Products From MODIS and VIIRS Using Deep Blue Aerosol Algorithm
PDF (13.9 MB)

C. Hsu

Update on the Dark-Target aerosol retrieval project
Powerpoint (11.2 MB) | PDF (4.4 MB)

R. Levy

Maintenance of Cloud Products: MXD35 and MXD06CT
Powerpoint (4.1 MB) | PDF (1.6 MB)

S. Ackerman

MODIS/VIIRS Continuity IR-Cloud Top Properties (IR-CLDPROP)
Powerpoint (32.6 MB) | PDF (2.3 MB)

A. Heidinger

Cloud Optical Properties: MODIS Standard & MODIS-VIIRS Continuity Products
Powerpoint (38.1 MB) | PDF (2.2 MB)

K. Meyer

Fusion of VIIRS and CrIS data to Construct Supplementary Infrared Band Radiances for VIIRS
Powerpoint (549 KB) | PDF (396 KB)

B. Baum

MOD07 Atmospheric Profile and VIIRS Moisture Retrieval
Powerpoint (1.7 MB) | PDF (276 KB)

E. Borbas

Thermal Infrared (TIR) Remote Sensing of Volcanic Plumes with MODIS and VIIRS
Powerpoint (3.8 MB) | PDF (1.2)

V. Realmuto

Global Dust Optical Depth Climatology Derived from CALIOP And MODIS Aerosol Retrievals on Decadal Time Scales: Regional and Interannual Variability
PDF (2 MB)

Z. Zhang

Gigantic Dust Intrusion into the Caribbean Basin and Southern U.S. in June 2020: Satellite and Model Perspectives
Powerpoint (52.5 MB) | PDF (3.8 MB)

H. Yu

A Study of Atmospheric Heating by Black Carbon Aerosols and its Impacts
Powerpoint (2.1 MB) | PDF (2.8 MB)

E. Wilcox

Investigating the influence of volcanic sulfate aerosol on cloud properties using MODIS data along A-Train tracks
Powerpoint (15.6 MB) | PDF (812 KB)

J. Mace

Multi-angle/multi-spectral/multi-pixel remote sensing of 3D convec$vely-driven clouds with MISR and MODIS - A Progress Report for ROSES/TASNPP
PDF (5.4 MB)

A. Davis

CAMP2Ex campaign overview + Terra Data Fusion
Powerpoint (59.2 MB) | PDF (8.3 MB)

L. DiGirolamo