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MODIS Meetings - MODIS Land Collection 5 Workshop Presentations

Below are the presentations that were given at the January 2007 MODIS Land Collection 5 Workshop. Simply click on the link to begin the download.
Day 1 Presentations - January 17, 2007
Welcome: Introduction and Objectives
Powerpoint (28 KB) | PDF (16 KB)
C. Justice
Overview: MODLAND Production Status, Schedule and Time Series Issues (C4 to C5 Transition)
Powerpoint (7.7 MB) | PDF (832 KB)
R. Wolfe
Surface reflectance, MOD09
Powerpoint (2.5 MB) | PDF (556 KB)
E. Vermote
MODIS Land Surface Temperature and Emissivity Algorithms and Products
Powerpoint (664 KB) | PDF (820 KB)
Z. Wan
MODIS Anisotropy and Albedo Product
Powerpoint (2.4 MB) | PDF (334 KB)
C. Schaaf
MODIS Snow and Sea Ice Data Products
Powerpoint (9.4 MB)
| PDF (1.1 MB)
G. RIggs
MODIS Vegetation Index Product from C4 to C5
Powerpoint (21.9 MB)
| PDF (2.9 MB)
K. Didan
Collection 5 MODIS LAI and FPAR Products
Powerpoint (24.1 MB) | PDF (1.2 MB)
N. Shabanov/
R. Myneni
Collection 5 MODIS Terrestrial GPP and NPP (MOD17)
Powerpoint (11.2 MB) | PDF (1.9 MB)
M. Zhao
Collection 5 Refinements and Revisions:
MOD12Q1: Global Land Cover Type - MOD12Q2: Land Cover Dynamics
Powerpoint (3.7 MB) | PDF (8.9 MB)
M. Friedl
MODIS Active Fire Products: Collection 5 Changes
Powerpoint (348 KB)
| PDF (332 KB)
L. Giglio
MCD45 Burned Area (500m approximate day of burning)
Powerpoint (6.6 MB) | PDF (2.4 MB)
D. Roy
MODIS Vegetation Products
Powerpoint (20.9 MB) | PDF (1.3 MB)
M. Carroll
MODIS Land Quality Assessment
Powerpoint (10.1 MB)
| PDF (6.4 MB)
S. Devadiga
MODIS Land Product Validation
Powerpoint (10 MB) | PDF (2.2 MB)
J. Morisette
Discover MODIS Land at your Desk
Powerpoint (11.2 MB) | PDF (7 MB)
C. Jenkerson
Powerpoint (1.5 MB) | PDF (1.6 MB)
M. McAllister/
T. Haran
MODIS Land Product Subsets: Remote Sensing Products for Field Sites (Collections 4 & 5)
Powerpoint (12.6 MB) | PDF (2.9 MB)
B. Cook
Other Distribution of MODIS Data
Powerpoint (12.6 MB) | PDF (2.9 MB)
R. Wolfe
Day 2 Presentations - January 18, 2007
MRTWeb: Enhanced MODIS data discovery and delivery services from the LP DAAC
Powerpoint (4.9 MB) | PDF (2.9 MB)
T. Maiersperger
ORNL DAAC MODIS Land Product Subsets for field sites (Collections 4 and 5)
Powerpoint (278 KB) | PDF (128 KB)
S. Santhana Vannan
Powerpoint (2.4 MB) | PDF (2.1 MB)
S. Devadiga

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