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Smirnov, A; Holben, BN; Giles, DM; Slutsker, I; O'Neill, NT; Eck, TF; Macke, A; Croot, P; Courcoux, Y; Sakerin, SM; Smyth, TJ; Zielinski, T; Zibordi, G; Goes, JI; Harvey, MJ; Quinn, PK; Nelson, NB; Radionov, VF; Duarte, CM; Losno, R; Sciare, J; Voss, KJ; Kinne, S; Nalli, NR; Joseph, E; Moorthy, KK; Covert, DS; Gulev, SK; Milinevsky, G; Larouche, P; Belanger, S; Horne, E; Chin, M; Remer, LA; Kahn, RA; Reid, JS; Schulz, M; Heald, CL; Zhang, J; Lapina, K; Kleidman, RG; Griesfeller, J; Gaitley, BJ; Tan, Q; Diehl, TL (2011). Maritime aerosol network as a component of AERONET - first results and comparison with global aerosol models and satellite retrievals. ATMOSPHERIC MEASUREMENT TECHNIQUES, 4(3), 583-597.