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2015-10-15Updated User Guide for Cloud Optical Properties Released on MODIS Atmosphere Website
2015-09-23LP DAAC Releases MODIS Version 6 Albedo Products
2015-09-17MODIS Atmosphere Team Updates MODIS Data Products Calendar
2015-09-17MODIS Atmosphere Team Releases Updated C6 Known Issues for Cloud Product page
2015-09-16LP DAAC Releases MODIS Version 6 Level 2 Gridded (L2G) Ocean Reflectance Products
2015-08-26LP DAAC Releases MODIS V006 Thermal Anomalies and Fire Data
2015-08-19LP DAAC Releases MODIS V006 Vegetation Indices Data
2015-08-12LP DAAC Releases MODIS V006 Land Surface Temperature and Emissivity Data
2015-05-29NSIDC DAAC Releases Version 6 MODIS Sea Ice Data
2015-05-28Plenary Presentations Given at Recent MODIS Science Team Meeting Now Available For Download

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