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MODIS Meetings - May 2012 Plenary Session Presentations

Below are the presentations that were given at the May 2012 MODIS Science Team Meeting. Simply click on the link to begin the download.
Day 1 Presentations - May 7, 2012

Granule‐level Intercomparisons of IR and Reflectance‐based Ice Cloud Optical Thickness Retrievals
PDF (3 MB)

A. Heidinger
A Collocated A-Train Data Set for Ice Radiative Model Evaluation: Description and Summary of Results
PDF (12.7 MB)
R. Holz
Effect of above-cloud biomass burning aerosol on marine stratocumulus retrievals off Namibia and Angola
PDF (1.7 MB)
S. Meyer
A Blended Polar Winds Product from MODIS and AIRS Retrieval Images
PDF (3 MB)
D. Santek
Deep convective cloud properties and aerosol‐induced perturbations as revealed by MODIS
PDF (4.8 MB)

T. Yuan
Remote sensing of ice crystal asymmetry parameter
PDF (9.5 MB)
B. van Diedenhoven
MODIS and CALIOP views of aerosol changes near clouds
PDF (10.8 MB)
T. Varnai
Improved Ice Cloud Models for MODIS retrievals
PDF (2 MB)

P. Yang
Regional comparisons of marine stratocumulus (Sc) characteristics
PDF (11.7 MB)
S. Yuter
Sensitivity of cloud microphysical property retrieval methods to size distribution bi-modality:
Theoretical considerations and potential implications
PDF (3.7 MB)
Z. Zhang
Day 2 Presentations - May 8, 2012
Status of the MOD07 atmospheric profile algorithm
PDF (3.4 MB)
E. Borbas
Collection 6 Algorithm Updates: MODIS Cloud Mask (MOD35) and Cloud Top Pressure (MOD06CT)
PDF (5.8 MB)
R. Frey
C6 updates to Level-3 (& Joint Level-2)
PDF (2.5 MB)
P. Hubanks
Cloud Thermodynamic Phase retrieval from the
MODerate-resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS)
PDF (1.6 MB)
B. Marchant
Updates on aerosol remote sensing with the dark target algorithm for C006
PDF (7.9 MB)
L. Munchak
Definition of a Day
PDF (954 KB)
B. Ridgway
Collection 6 update: MODIS 'Deep Blue' aerosol
PDF (3 MB)
A. Sayer
A general space-me gridding tool for analysis of MODIS radiances and retrieval products
PDF (2.9 MB)
N. Smith
MODIS Cloud Optical and Microphysical Properties Product Collection 6 Update
PDF (3.3 MB)
G. Wind

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