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MOD 04 - Aerosol Product

The MODIS Aerosol Product monitors the ambient aerosol optical thickness over the oceans globally and over the continents. Furthermore, the aerosol size distribution is de-rived over the oceans, and the aerosol type is derived over the continents. “Fine” aero-sols (anthopogenic/pollution) and “course” aerosols (natural particles; e.g., dust) are also derived. Daily Level 2 (MOD 04) data are produced at the spatial resolution of a 10 x 10 1-km (at nadir)- pixel array. The aerosol product includes the “deep-blue” algorithm re-cently developed to get aerosol optical thickness over bright land areas.


Affiliated Team Member: L. Remer,

Affiliated Discipline: Atmosphere

DAAC Description: LAADS

Non-Technical Description: Yes

EOS Data Description (PDF): Yes

Product Quality History: Yes

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