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MOD 13 - Gridded Vegetation Indices (NDVI & EVI)

MODIS core mission, standard VI products include the normalize difference vegetation index (NDVI) and the enhanced vegetation index (EVI) to effectively characterize bio-physical/ biochemical states and processes from vegetated surfaces. There exists a com-plete, global time series record of 6 VI products from each of the Terra and Aqua MODIS sensors, at varying spatial (250m, 1km, 0.05 degree) and temporal (16-day, monthly) resolutions to meet the needs of the research and application communities. The VI prod-ucts are validated with accuracies depicted by a pixel reliability flag and with globally av-eraged uncertainties of 0.015 units.


Affiliated Team Member: A. Huete

Affiliated Discipline: Land

DAAC Description: EDC DAAC

Non-Technical Description: Yes

EOS Data Description (PDF): Yes

Product Quality History: Yes

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