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MOD 43 - Surface Reflectance BRDF/Albedo Parameter

Surface albedo is one of the key radiation parameters required for modeling of the Earth\'s energy budget. The MODIS BRDF/Albedo product provides an in-trinsic characterization of surface anisotropy that is used to both determine global land surface albedos. The product relies on multi-date, clear-sky, atmos-pherically-corrected surface reflectances coupled with a BRDF model to establish the surface anisotropy and provide albedo measures at a 500m resolution in seven spectral bands and three broad bands. The surface anisotropy is also used to produce the nadir view-angle-corrected reflectances used by the MODIS land cover and phenology products.


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Affiliated Discipline: Land

DAAC Description: EDC DAAC

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EOS Data Description (PDF): Yes

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