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MOD 05 - Total Precipitable Water

The MODIS Precipitable Water product (MOD 05) consists of column water-vapor amounts. During the daytime, a near-infrared algorithm is applied over clear land areas of the globe and above clouds over both land and ocean. Over clear ocean areas, watervapor estimates are provided over the extended glint area. An infrared algorithm for deriving atmospheric profiles is also applied both day and night for Level 2.

The Level 2 data are generated at the 1-km spatial resolution of the MODIS instrument using the nearinfrared algorithm during the day, and at 5 � 5 1-km pixel resolution both day and night using the infrared algorithm when at least nine FOVs are cloud free.


Affiliated Team Member: B. Gao,,

Affiliated Discipline: Atmosphere

DAAC Description: LAADS

Non-Technical Description: Yes

EOS Data Description (PDF): Yes

Product Quality History: Yes

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