MODIS Raw Radiances


MODIS instrument data, in packetized form, is reversibly transformed to a computer data structure, along with formatted engineering and spacecraft ancillary data. The Level-1A data is separated into granules for passage to the geolocation and calibration processes. Quality indicators are added to the data to indicate missing pixels and instrument modes. This product contains MODIS digitized raw detector counts data for all 36 MODIS spectral bands, at 250 m, 500 m, or 1 km spatial resolutions including all time tags, all detector views (Earth, solar diffuser, Spectro-Radiometeric Calibration Assembly (SRCA), black body, and space view), and all engineering and ancillary data. Quality indicators are added to the data to indicate missing or bad pixels and instrument modes. Only bands 20 to 36 are used to collect measurements in night mode, while all bands are used in day mode. Visible, SWIR, and NIR measurements are made during daytime only, while radiances for TIR are measured during both day and night portions of the orbit.

Product Information

• Validated Stage: Stage 3

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• DOI: MODIS Characterization Support Team, MODIS Adaptive Processing System, 2012. Level 1 and Atmosphere Archive and Distribution System (LAADS).
(Terra) (Aqua)

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All of the MODIS Raw Radiances can be found on the LAADS DAAC website.


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