MODIS Calibrated Radiances

The Level 1B data set contains calibrated and geolocated at-aperture radiances for 36 bands generated from MODIS Level 1A sensor counts (MOD 01). The radiances are in W/(m2-┬Ám-sr). In addition, reflectance may be determined for the solar reflective bands (bands 1-19, 26) through knowledge of the solar irradiance (e.g., determined from MODIS solar-diffuser data, and from the target-illumination geometry). Additional data are provided, including quality flags, error estimates, and calibration data.


Product Information

•Validated Stage: Stage 3

Product User Guide


•DOI: MODIS Characterization Support Team, MODIS Adaptive Processing System, 2012. Level 1 and Atmosphere Archive and Distribution System (LAADS). (Terra) (Aqua)

Product Details

All of the MODIS Calibrated Radiances can be found at the LAADS DAAC website.


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