MODIS Geolocation Fields


The geolocation fields are calculated for each 1 km MODIS Instantaneous Field of Views (IFOV) for all orbits daily. The locations and ancillary information corresponds to the intersection of the centers of each IFOV from 10 detectors in an ideal 1 km band on the Earth's surface. A digital terrain model is used to model the Earth's surface. The main inputs are the spacecraft attitude and orbit, the instrument telemetry and the digital elevation model. The geolocation fields include geodetic Latitude, Longitude, surface height above geoid, solar zenith and azimuth angles, satellite zenith and azimuth angles, and a land/sea mask for each 1 km sample. Additional information is included in the header to enable the calculation of the approximate location of the center of the detectors of any of the 36 MODIS bands. This product is used as input by a large number of subsequent MODIS products, particularly the products produced by the Land team.

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• Validated Stage: Stage 3

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• DOI: MODIS Characterization Support Team, MODIS Adaptive Processing System, 2012. Level 1 and Atmosphere Archive and Distribution System (LAADS). (Terra) (Aqua)

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All of the MODIS Geolocation Fields can be found at the LAADS DAAC website.


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