MODIS Aerosol Product


The MODIS Aerosol Product monitors the ambient aerosol optical thickness over the oceans globally and over the continents. Furthermore, the aerosol size distribution is derived over the oceans, and the aerosol type is derived over the continents. “Fine” aerosols (anthropogenic/pollution) and “course” aerosols (natural particles; e.g., dust) are also derived. Daily Level 2 (MOD 04) data are produced at the spatial resolution of a 10 x 10 1-km (at nadir) pixel array. The aerosol product includes the “deep-blue” algorithm recently developed to get aerosol optical thickness over bright land areas.


Product Information

• Dark Target Product PI:

• Deep Blue Product PI:

• Validated Stage: Stage 2

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Known Problems

• DOI: Levy, R., Hsu, C., et al., 2015. MODIS Atmosphere L2 Aerosol Product. NASA MODIS Adaptive Processing System, Goddard Space Flight Center, USA:
(Terra) (Aqua)

Product Details

MODIS Aerosol Data Products can be found at the LAADS Web website.


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