MODIS Global Water Reservoir


The MODIS Water Reservoir product includes time series of surface area, elevation, storage, evaporation rate, and volumetric evaporation for 164 global reservoirs which includes 151 man-made reservoirs and 13 regulated natural lakes.

The reservoir surface area algorithm is based on image classifications of NIR reflectance from both MODIS Aqua 8-day Surface Reflectance product (MYD09Q1). The storage and elevation values are calculated by applying the area to the pre-established Area-Volume-Elevation (AVE) curves for each reservoir of interest. The reservoir evaporation rate is estimated using the newly developed Lake Temperature and Evaporation Model (LTEM). In the LTEM the MODIS 8-day composite LST data (MYD11A2) is employed to constrain the modified Hostetler Model for calculating lake water temperature profiles. The temperature profiles were then used to calculate lake heat storage change term in the Penman equation. The calculation of the evaporation rate also requires gridded meteorological inputs from GLDAS and bathymetric data. The volumetric evaporation is calculated as the product of the evaporation rate and surface area.


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Product Name Terra Prod ID/
Aqua Prod ID/
Water Reservoir 8-Day L3 Global MOD28C2 MYD28C2
Water Reservoir Monthly L3 Global MOD28C3 MYD28C3



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