April 2013 MODIS Science Team Meeting
Atmosphere Breakout Presentations


Impacts Of Absorbing Aerosols on Melting of Snowpack in Himalayas/Tibetan Plateau and Regional Hydroclimate
Powerpoint (20.7 MB) | PDF (17.4 MB)

B. Lau
Assessing Aerosol Intercontinental Transport and Climate Impacts From Satellites and Models
Powerpoint (20.1 MB) | PDF (18.9 MB)

H. Yu

Cloud drop effective radius as seen from aircraft, MODIS and MISR
Powerpoint (12.2 MB) | PDF (9.9 MB)

L. Di Girolamo
Variation of ice crystal shape, size & asymmetry parameter in tropical deep convection retrieved from combined MODIS and POLDER measurements
Powerpoint (59.1 MB) | PDF (20.4 MB)

B. van Diedenhoven

Deep convective cloud system size and structure: thermodynamic forcing and modification by aerosols
Powerpoint (1.8 MB) | PDF (2 MB)

E. Wilcox
Cloud fraction in SH midlatitude cyclones: observational uncertainties
Powerpoint (4.4 MB) | PDF (988 KB)
C. Naud
Overview and Status of MODIS Aerosol and Cloud Data Assimilation in GEOS-5
Powerpoint (21.2 MB) | PDF (2.4 MB)
A. da Silva
Collection 6 Update
PDF (4.9 MB)
S. Platnick