June 2016 MODIS Science Team Meeting - Atmosphere Breakout Presentations

June 8, 2016

SNPP Atmosphere SIPS Update
PDF (19.7 MB)

Liam Gumley

VIIRS Nighttime Lights Development Update
Powerpoint (4.8 MB) | PDF (1.4 MB)

Kimberly Baugh

Application of DNB for air quality and fire monitoring
Powerpoint (39.5 MB) | PDF (6.4 MB)

Jun Wang

The VIIRS M9 Channel And The Development of VIIRS Cirrus Reflectance Algorithm
Powerpoint (39.5 MB) | PDF (6.4 MB)

Bo-Cai Gao

VIIRS TPW Status report
Powerpoint (1.7 MB) | PDF (627 KB)

Multiple Presenters