October 2018 MODIS/VIIRS Science Team Meeting - Calibration Workshop Presentations

Day 1 Presentations - October 18, 2018

MODIS Instrument Operations Status
PDF (9.5 MB)

MODIS Characterization Support Team

MODIS Geolocation Status
PDF (6 MB)

Gary Lin

MODIS and VIIRS Lunar Calibration
PDF (3.6 MB)

Amit Angal

Evaluation of VIIRS Lunar Irradiance Measurements and Comparison against the ROLO Reference
PDF (1.3 MB)

Tom Stone

The airborne LUnar Spectral Irradiance (air-LUSI) Mission: Making the Moon an Absolute SI-traceable Calibration Reference
PDF (15.3 MB)

Kevin Turpie

Day 2 Presentations - October 19, 2018

VIIRS Calibration Status
PDF (15.7 MB)

VIIRS Characterization Support Team

VIIRS Geolocation Status
PDF (1.8 MB)

Gary Lin

OBPG Updates to the On-Orbit Calibration of SNPP VIIRS for Ocean Color Applications
PDF (1.8 MB)

Gene Eplee

Terra RVS and Polarization Trends Update Based on Cross Calibration with Aqua
PDF (4.4 MB)

Shihyan Lee

Offsets in Dark Target Aerosol Retrieval for Terra-MODIS, Aqua-MODIS, and SNPP-VIIRS
PDF (3.2 MB)

Virginia Sawyer

Update on the Validation of the MODIS/VIIRS M/LWIR Bands Using the Lake Tahoe and Salton Sea Automated Validation Sites
PDF (1.2 MB)

Kerry Cawse-Nicholson

Calibration Inter-comparisons of MODIS and VIIRS
PDF (1.2 MB)

Aisheng Wu

VIIRS to MODIS Scaling Factors Designed to Mitigate Retrieval Discontinuities between Records
PDF (2.9 MB)

David Doelling