Kharol, SK, Badarinath, VS (2006). "Impact of biomass burning on aerosol properties over tropical urban region of Hyderabad, India". GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS, 33(20), L20801.

[ 1] Biomass burning is identified as a major source of atmospheric pollution giving rise to the release of large quantities of gaseous emissions and particulate matter. The present study aims at analyzing the impacts of biomass burning on aerosol loading over urban area of Hyderabad, India using synchronous measurements of Aerosol Optical Depth ( AOD), solar irradiance in different wavelength bands, aerosol particle size distribution measurements and black carbon ( BC) aerosol mass concentration. Temporal variation of AOD and aerosol index ( AI) correlated with occurrence of forest fires as derived from DMSP-OLS and MODIS satellite data. BC values showed good correlation with total aerosol number density and showed patterns correlating with wind direction. Radiative forcing estimated from synchronous measurements of AOD and ground reaching broadband solar irradiance suggested -12.5W/m(2) reduction per 0.1 increase in AOD. Diffuse to direct ratio of solar irradiance showed variations correlating with changes in aerosol optical depth.