Roy, DP, Trigg, SN, Bhima, R, Brockett, BH, Dube, OP, Frost, P, Govender, N, Landmann, T, Le Roux, J, Lepono, T, Macuacua, J, Mbow, C, Mhwandangara, KL, Mosepele, B, Mutanga, O, Neo-Mahupeleng, G, Norman, M, Virgilo, S (2006). The utility of satellite fire product accuracy information - Perspectives and recommendations from the southern Africa fire network. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON GEOSCIENCE AND REMOTE SENSING, 44(7), 1928-1930.

This correspondence gives Southern Africa Fire Network (SAFNet) perspectives on the utility of satellite fire product accuracy information, drawing on two main sources: insights gained during SAFNet's six years of working together, and relevant findings from a SAFNet focus group study that explored factors that promote and constrain the use of the MODIS fire products. In giving this perspective, we comment on the approach and findings of recent fire product validation articles, including the two contained in this special issue. We recommend five ways that validation activities might be made more relevant to users and better connect producers of remotely sensed products to users in order to communicate satellite fire product accuracy information more effectively.