He, XQ, Pan, DL, Bai, Y, Gong, F (2006). General purpose exact Rayleigh scattering look-up table for ocean color remote sensing. ACTA OCEANOLOGICA SINICA, 25(1), 48-56.

The current exact Rayleigh scattering calculation of ocean color remote sensing uses the look-up table (LUT), which is usually created for a special remote sensor and cannot be applied to other sensors. For practical application, a general purpose Rayleigh scattering LUT which can be applied to all ocean color remote sensors is generated. An adding-doubling method to solve the vector radiative transfer equation in the plane-parallel atmosphere is deduced in detail. Compared with the exact Rayleigh scattering radiance derived from the MODIS exact Rayleigh scattering LUT, it is proved that the relative error of Rayleigh scattering calculation with the adding-doubling method is less than 0.25%, which meets the required accuracy of the atmospheric correction of ocean color remote sensing. Therefore, the adding-doubling method can be used to generate the exact Rayleigh scattering LUT for the ocean color remote sensors. Finally, the general purpose exact Rayleigh scattering LUT is generated using the adding-doubling method. On the basis of the general purpose LUT, the calculated Rayleigh scattering radiance is tested by comparing with the LUTs of MODIS, SeaWiFS and the other ocean color sensors, showing that the relative errors are all less than 0.5%, and this general purpose LUT can be applied to all ocean color remote sensors.