Govaerts, YM, Pinty, B, Taberner, M, Lattanzio, A (2006). Spectral conversion of surface albedo derived from meteosat first generation observations. IEEE GEOSCIENCE AND REMOTE SENSING LETTERS, 3(1), 23-27.

Comparison of surface albedos derived from spaceborne radiometers with different spectral bands requires, first of all, the conversion of these quantities into common spectral intervals. This letter proposes a spectral conversion method specifically dedicated to surface albedo derived in a large-band instrument such as the solar channel onboard the Meteosat first-generation radiometer. This new method accounts for the retrieval algorithm assumptions and radiometer spectral limitations that might have an impact on the retrieved surface albedo in such a large band. It is also shown that the proposed approach has no impact when surface albedo is derived in narrow bands and confirms the results of previously published spectral conversion methods.