Zhu, JR, Chen, CS, Ding, PX, Li, CY, Lin, HC (2004). Does the Taiwan warm current exist in winter?. GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS, 31(12), L12302.

It has been argued for many years whether the Taiwan Warm Current (TWC) exists in winter, though there is no question about its existence in summer. A regional CTD survey and anchored ADCP measurements were conducted off the mouth of the Changjiang on the western shelf of the East China Sea from 24 February to 10 March 2001. Both hydrographic and current data showed an evidence of the TWC, which flowed northeastward along the 50-m isobath and intruded into the submerged river valley off the Changjiang. This current is sub-surface intensified, with a maximum velocity of 30 cm/s occurring at a depth of 30 m below the surface. This finding was consistent with the satellite-derived SST image received on 26-30 January 1986 and MODIS SST image received on 18 February 2001. It suggests that the TWC is at least an episodic feature in the East China Sea and its occurrence and duration might vary due to meandering of the Kuroshio around the Taiwan Strait.