Jaslam, PKM; Kumar, M; Anurag; Manjeet (2020). EBLUP estimate of crop yield at sub-district level in Hisar district, Haryana, India using MODIS/Terra data. CURRENT SCIENCE, 119(12), 1982-1989.

The present study was carried out to develop improved crop yield estimates for rice and wheat crops through the Empirical Best Linear Unbiased Prediction (EBLUP) procedure via the Fay-Herriot area level model at sub-district level in Hisar district. Villagewise crop cutting data and auxiliary remote sensing data (satellite imaginaries) derived from the MODIS Vegetation Indices (MOD13Q1) version 6 were used for model construction. It is noteworthy that the coefficient of variation of the developed EBLUP estimates was below 10% for almost all sub-districts. The study revealed a significant enhancement in the efficiency of the yield estimator in comparison to the direct estimator, which recommended that with the use of remote sensing data together with crop cutting experiment data, crop yield estimates can be obtained on a smaller scale than the district using existing crop cutting experiments in the district.