Angearu, CV; Ontel, I; Boldeanu, G; Mihailescu, D; Nertan, A; Craciunescu, V; Catana, S; Irimescu, A (2020). Multi-Temporal Analysis and Trends of the Drought Based on MODIS Data in Agricultural Areas, Romania. REMOTE SENSING, 12(23), 3940.

The aim of this study is to analyze the performance of the Drought Severity Index (DSI) in Romania and its validation based on other data sources (meteorological data, soil moisture content (SMC), agricultural production). Also, it is to assess the drought based on a multi-temporal analysis and trends of the DSI obtained from Terra MODIS satellite images. DSI is a standardized product based on evapotranspiration (ET) and the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), highlighting the differences over a certain period of time compared to the average. The study areas are located in Romania: three important agricultural lands (Oltenia Plain, Baragan Plain and Banat Plain), which have different environmental characteristics. MODIS products have been used over a period of 19 years (2001-2019) during the vegetation season of the agricultural crops (April-September). The results point out that those agricultural areas from the Baragan Plain and Oltenia Plain were more affected by drought than those from Banat Plain, especially in the years 2002, 2007 and 2012. Also, the drought intensity and the agricultural surfaces affected by drought decreased in the first part of the vegetation season (March-May) and increased in the last part (August-September) in all three study areas analyzed. All these results are confirmed by those of the Standardized Precipitation Evapotranspiration Index (SPEI) and Soil Moisture Anomaly (SMA) indices.