Moradi, M; Moradi, N (2020). Correlation between concentrations of chlorophyll-alpha and satellite derived climatic factors in the Persian Gulf. MARINE POLLUTION BULLETIN, 161, 111728.

Monthly mean satellite derived Chl-alpha, aerosols, wind, SST, PAR, and turbidity datasets were used to investigate the possible factors regulating phytoplankton variability in the Persian Gulf. The spatial correlation analysis revealed two distinct regions of SST and PAR, and a relatively uniform spatial correlation pattern of the other parameters. The cross correlation between aeolian dusts and Chl-alpha was significantly positive with 1-3 months offset. The pattern of spatial correlation between Chl-alpha and SST was positive in the shallow regions without time lag, and was negative with time offset of 3-5 months in deeper regions. The cross correlation between Chl-alpha and north-ward winds were positive with time lags of 1-3 months. Vertical mixing under the influence of north-ward winds in the deeper region, availability of light and nutrients in the shallow regions, and dust fertilizations over the whole area were suggested to be the major controlling factors regulating phytoplankton growth.