Zeng, JY; Matsunaga, T; Tan, ZH; Saigusa, N; Shirai, T; Tang, YH; Peng, SS; Fukuda, Y (2020). Global terrestrial carbon fluxes of 1999-2019 estimated by upscaling eddy covariance data with a random forest. SCIENTIFIC DATA, 7(1), 313.

The terrestrial biosphere is a key player in slowing the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. While quantification of carbon fluxes at global land scale is important for mitigation policy related to climate and carbon, measurements are only available at sites scarcely distributed in the world. This leads to using various methods to upscale site measurements to the whole terrestrial biosphere. This article reports a product obtained by using a Random Forest to upscale terrestrial net ecosystem exchange, gross primary production, and ecosystem respiration from FLUXNET 2015. Our product covers land from -60 degrees S to 80 degrees N with a spatial resolution of 0.1 degrees x 0.1 degrees every 10 days during the period 1999-2019. It was compared with four existing products. A distinguishable feature of our method is using three derived variables of leaf area index to represent plant functional type (PFT) so that measurements from different PFTs can be mixed better by the model. This product can be valuable for the carbon-cycle community to validate terrestrial biosphere models and cross check datasets.