Onyango, S; Anguma, SK; Andima, G; Parks, B (2020). Validation of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer Height Estimated from the MODIS Atmospheric Profile Data at an Equatorial Site. ATMOSPHERE, 11(9), 908.

The atmospheric boundary layer height is important for constraining air pollution and meteorological models. This study attempted to validate the MODIS-estimated atmospheric boundary layer height (ABLH), and variation in the ABLH in Uganda was evaluated. The ABLH was estimated from MODIS data using the mixing ratio profile gradient method and compared to the ABLH estimated from radiosonde data using three different methods. Unlike in studies in other regions of the world, correlations between ABLH estimated using MODIS and radiosonde data were weak, implying limited usefulness of MODIS data for determining ABLH. However, the diurnal variation in MODIS-derived ABLH and particulate matter (PM10) was consistent with the expected inverse relationship between PM10 mass concentration and ABLH, and the mean MODIS-derived ABLH values were significantly lower during wet seasons than dry seasons, as expected.