Johnston, JM; Jackson, N; McFayden, C; Phong, LN; Lawrence, B; Davignon, D; Wooster, MJ; van Mierlo, H; Thompson, DK; Cantin, AS; Johnston, D; Johnston, LM; Sloane, M; Ramos, R; Lynham, TJ (2020). Development of the User Requirements for the Canadian WildFireSat Satellite Mission. SENSORS, 20(18), 5081.

In 2019 the Canadian Space Agency initiated development of a dedicated wildfire monitoring satellite (WildFireSat) mission. The intent of this mission is to support operational wildfire management, smoke and air quality forecasting, and wildfire carbon emissions reporting. In order to deliver the mission objectives, it was necessary to identify the technical and operational challenges which have prevented broad exploitation of Earth Observation (EO) in Canadian wildfire management and to address these challenges in the mission design. In this study we emphasize the first objective by documenting the results of wildfire management end-user engagement activities which were used to identify the key Fire Management Functionalities (FMFs) required for an Earth Observation wildfire monitoring system. These FMFs are then used to define the User Requirements for the Canadian Wildland Fire Monitoring System (CWFMS) which are refined here for the WildFireSat mission. The User Requirements are divided into Observational, Measurement, and Precision requirements and form the foundation for the design of the WildFireSat mission (currently in Phase-A, summer 2020).