Tsutsumi, R; Hattori, K; Yoshino, C; Genzano, N (2020). Detection of Thermal Changes Related to the 2011 Shinmoedake Volcano Activity, Japan: Spatiotemporal Variation of Singularity of MODIS Data after Discriminating False Changes Due to Cloud. REMOTE SENSING, 12(16), 2637.

We proposed a cloud discrimination method applicable in Japan using MODIS nighttime data, monitored the singularity of the spatiotemporal correlation of surface temperature anomalies and investigated the possibility of detecting and monitoring lava activity in Shinmoedake. With the aim to detect lava eruption activity in 2011, nine years of data from 2003 to 2011 were analyzed. As a result, the first anomalous singularity in brightness temperature was detected on 26 January 2011. Moreover, the maximum value was detected on 30 January 2011. The values showed larger ones until early February 2011. When an anomalous singularity appeared, it was the only period with the magma-related volcanic activity for Shinmoedake over the analyzed period of nine years. The above facts indicate the effectiveness of the proposed singularity method to monitor the lava activity for Shinmoedake. Therefore, it is concluded that if cloud discrimination is realized with high accuracy, no spurious changes will come to arise, and no false detection of hotspots will be given.