Liu, J; Ding, JL; Li, L; Li, XH; Zhang, Z; Ran, S; Ge, XY; Zhang, JY; Wang, JZ (2020). Characteristics of aerosol optical depth over land types in central Asia. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT, 727, 138676.

Aerosols are an important contributor to global atmospheric changes and have critical effects on the climate system. Regionally, aerosols in central Asia comprise a significant portion of global aerosols. Based on aerosol optical depth (AOD)Level 2 daily product data and land cover type product data, the long-term AOD characteristics of six major land use/cover types and their relationships with landscape metrics are discussed. Contribution analysis is applied to quantitatively estimate the effects of land use/cover on regional AOD over central Asia. The results show that series of daily AODs over six land uses/covers display remarkable annual cyclic variations and obvious seasonal changes. The annual average AODs for barren land and cropland are highest, followed by regional AODs. There are different frequencies and times of occurrence for high AOD values of various land types. Urban areas are one of the major contributors to the regional atmosphere in winter; grasslands have a great influence on regional AOD decreases. Barren land always has a high contribution to the regional AOD. The land use types affected by anthropogenic activities were smaller contributors to regional aerosols than barren lands affected by climate factors. This paper advances the understanding of relationship between aerosols and land use/cover and facilitates land use decision making. (C) 2020 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.