Wu, J; Lakshmi, V; Wang, DS; Lin, PR; Pan, M; Cai, XT; Wood, EF; Zeng, ZZ (2020). The Reliability of Global Remote Sensing Evapotranspiration Products over Amazon. REMOTE SENSING, 12(14), 2211.

As a key component of terrestrial water cycle, evapotranspiration (ET), specifically over the Amazon River basin, is of high scientific significance. However, due to the sparse observation network and relatively short observational period of eddy covariance data, large uncertainties remain in the spatial-temporal characteristics of ET over the Amazon. Recently, a great number of long-term global remotely sensed ET products have been developed to fill the observation gap. However, the reliabilities of these global ET products over the Amazon are unknown. In this study, we assessed the consistency of the magnitude, trend and spatial pattern of Amazon ET among five global remotely sensed ET reconstructions. The magnitudes of these products are similar but the long-term trends from 1982 to 2011 are completely divergent. Validation from the eddy covariance data and water balance method proves a better performance of a product grounded on local measurements, highlighting the importance of local measurements in the ET reconstruction. We also examined four hypotheses dealing with the response of ET to brightening, warming, greening and deforestation, which shows that in general, these ET products respond better to warming and greening than to brightening and deforestation. This large uncertainty highlights the need for future studies focusing on ET issues over the Amazon.